Professional Life

(as of April 2023)


Vienna/Distributed, October 2014 – today
Code Wrangler

Vienna, August 2008 – today
Projects like Colorillo, Factolex and Thinkery (web, Android)

Wien, January 2012 – April 2014
Relaunch of the web site.

Wien, March 2011 – August 2011, June 2014
Data Extraction
Parsing of converted RTF and PDF files, development of the PHP version of Diagnosia Enterprise

Garmz (later Lookk)
Wien, September 2010 – January 2011
Developer Drawing Tool
Development of an HTML5 based drawing tool for fashion.

Netvibes (50 Employees)
Vienna/Paris, February 2006 – August 2008
Lead Developer
Member of the founding team. Took over development after the initial coder left, coded essential parts of the web page. Responsible for feed parsing, scaling, deployment process, stats, and more.

IFS Institute, TU Wien
Vienna, February 2004 – September 2004
Development of a wiki system in ASP.NET, Development of a voucher system in ASP.NET

NIWA; DBAI Institute, TU Wien
Vienna, January 2004 – August 2004
Worked on the lbscult platform, location based services for providing cultural information in vienna. RDF and various aspects of the semantic web.

Nader Cserny
Berlin (Germany), June 2003 – March 2006
Freelance developer
Programming of Rewika (german music label), Pernod Ricard Germany (subsidiary of the Pernod Ricard Group, a company producing alcoholic beverages), Miles (german band), Monta (german musician Tobias Kuhn), Havana Club Rum (a beverage of Pernod Ricard).

DBAI Institute, TU Wien
Vienna, May 2003 – September 2003
Data extraction of EU economical statistics with LIXTO, a tool that extracts data out of (potentially constantly) changing web sites.

IFS Institute, TU Wien
Vienna, October 2002 – June 2003
Studienassistent (Study Tutor)

Wirtschaftskammer Steiermark (Economical Chamber of the Austrian province Styria)
Graz, Summer 2000, Summer 2001, Summer 2002
Programming of Firmen A-Z (the official database of all companies in Austria) in ASP.

Vienna, January 1999 – September 2002; 2006; 2007
Freelance developer
Various projects, amongst others an advertisement system for österreichticket (largest concert ticket company in Austria).

School Project Sunbow
Vienna, September 1998 – August 1999
Head of the department for Homepage Programming. Won the Austrian competition among training companies in Austria, represented Austria in the European competition, placed 4th.
Development of the corporate homepage and various client homepages.


Vienna/Berlin, August 2011 – today
A fast and lightweight tool for storing notes, bookmarks, todos, organized through
Complete development with fast Javascript interface, full featured API, Android App.

Vienna, August 2012 – today
Hear-it-later for podcasts
Complete development

Vienna, August 2009 – today
Collaborative real-time action painting
Complete development with cutting edge technologies such as HTML5 and COMET.

Vienna, June 2007 – today
Online lexicon that describes terms through ranked facts, in English and German.
Complete development, retrieves and processes data from Wikipedia.

Vienna, August 2005 – today
Web application, tagline: The bookmarklet management bookmarklet
Complete development, including the homepage, bookmarklet and the backend.

Vienna, January 1997 – today
Own homepage project (in German), 4000 visits per day by now
Complete development and creation of 2000 computer term definitions. (offline)
Vienna, January 2006 – November 2009
Web application, tagline: Collaborative page highlighting
Takes the highlighing marker to the web. Complete development, including the homepage, bookmarklet and Firefox extension, backend. (offline, transformed into Musweet)
Vienna, June 2004 – November 2005
Web application, tagline: Live from the web
Continously extracts news from band homepages that don’t support RSS.
Vienna, March 2000 – May 2009
Volunteering, Technical Department
Development of software for the FirstClass system: e.g. Quizbot, Supportbot, Mail Exporting tool.


Zivildienst (Alternative Civilian Service, instead of Military Service) at the Red Cross Vienna
Vienna, July 2007

Zivildienst part 2 at VCÖ
Vienna, April 2009 – November 2009
Office Management

Computer Science Related Abilities


  ++++ PHP
  +++ AI, Javascript, SQL, Shell Scripting
  ++ Android (Java), awk, C/C++, Perl, ASP(.NET)
  + Ruby, Python

Operating Systems

  ++++ OS X (main operating system), Linux (mostly Debian, server administration)
  ++ Windows


  +++ HTML, CSS, Photoshop, LaTeX

Other interests

  Woodworking, Squash, Civil Aviation, Travelling (did a RTW in 2013), Dancing


  ++++ German (mother tongue), English (written and spoken)
  + French, Spanish, Latin, Ancient Greek


University TU Wien (Vienna University of Technology)
Vienna, October 2000 – May 2005
Study of Computer Sciences. Master of Science (Dipl.-Ing.)
Thesis: Caching Strategies for Load Reduction on High Traffic Web Applications

AHS BG 19, Gymnasiumstraße
Vienna, September 1992 – June 2000
Matura (A-Levels)

Volksschule VS Scheibenbergstraße
Vienna, September 1988 – June 1992
Primary School

Personal Data

Born 1982 in Vienna, Austria
Family situation: Married, 2 kids

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