I enjoy trying out ideas for web applications and see how it goes.

Bandnews (2004/05), collecting news from the (at the time crazily bad) band websites with a bot.

Blummy (since 2005), in-browser dropdown window for your collection of bookmarklets.

Computerlexikon (since 1999), Fachbegriffe verständlich erklärt. A german computer dictionary.

Colorillo (since 2009), collaborative drawing in the browser.

Factolex (2007-2020), create your own encyclopedia.

Friends Plugin (since 2018), A social network between WordPresses; Privacy focused, by itself a self-hosted RSS++ reader with notifications.

podmash (since 2012), mix different podcast episodes into a feed of your own, see my feed at

thinkery (since 2011), your brain, organized.

Wizlite (2006), a highlighting marker for the web.

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