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  • Facebook discloses its users to 3rd party web sites

    Just a quick post, because what I read at Joshua Porter’s blog somewhat alarms me: Facebook?s Brilliant but Evil design. I feel more and more reassured at why I don’t use Facebook and have a bad feeling about them. The gist is this: when you buy something at a participating web site (Ethan Zuckerman shows […]

  • This was FOWA Expo 2007

    I have been attending this year’s Future of Web Apps Expo in London’s ExCeL centre. There were a ton of interesting speakers and I enjoyed listening a lot. Amongst others there were Steve Souders of Yahoo (High Performance Web Sites), Paul Graham of Y Combinator (The future of web startups), Matt Mullenweg of (The […]

  • High Performance Web Sites, a book by Steve Souders

    I’d like to introduce you to this great book by Steve Souders. There already have been several reports on the Internet about it, for example on the Yahoo Developers Blog. There is also a video of Steve Souders talking about the book. The book is structured into 14 rules, which, when applied properly, can vastly […]

  • Webkit catching up with Firefox and Firebug

    Webkit, the rendering Toolkit that powers Apple’s Safari web browser, is getting a lot of love lately (iPhone, Windows beta version). But for developers it was always hard to debug and inspect your web applications running in Safari. With Drosera a decent debugger exists since June 2006 (for Webkit only so far, though — it’s […]

  • no longer lists Austrian Registry on its Block List

    It has come to my attention today that the almost famous Spam Block List provider put the IP addresses of the Austrian Registry on their block list. The list that Spamhaus provides is actually something good: it allows mail server administrators to automatically block mails arriving from servers that are known to be operated […]

  • phpBB ajaxified

    Wow! Jack Slocum, who works on extending the Yahoo! User Interface Library, has created a very cool version of his phpBB Forum, using AJAX. You can’t even believe that this is phpBB underneath. Very slick and fast. Look here phpbb, forum, ajax

  • Blummy wins Web 2.0 Bookmarking Award!

    I’m proud to announce that Blummy has been voted to first place of the bookmarking category by the Web 2.0 Awards by Blummy placed in front of Looksmart’s and it’s similar sounding competitor As all the other winners of each category, I have also been interviewed. I can highly recommend reading the […]

  • Looking into the Skype Protocol

    As you all know, Skype is a very popular Voice-over-IP software. Skype also claims that all its communication is encrypted (which raised some discussion whether you should considered a criminal (digged also) if you “hide away” from eavesdropping). Philippe Biondi and Fabrice Desclaux from EADS held a talk at Blackhat Europe conference where they show […]

  • 10 Realistic Steps to a Faster Web Site

    I complained before about bad guides to improve the performance of your website. digg it, add to delicious I’d like to give you a more realistic guide on how to achieve the goal. I have written my master thesis in computer sciences on this topic and will refer to it throughout the guide. 1. Determine […]

  • Announcing Wizlite: Collaborative Page Highlighting

    So I’m not the first to write about my project? Well. Nice ;) Wizlite takes the good old highlighting marker from paper to web. People get different colors and mark important sections on any homepage. Users can create groups and wizlite away on a certain topic (either private or public). You’d have to use it […]

  • Introducing: Wish-O-Matic

    So Christmas is approaching and you need to buy some presents for your friends. So good for the idea, but what to buy? I’ve created a little web app for that, called Wish-O-Matic. You choose a few things of which you know that your friend likes them. That’s it. That app will tell you what […]

  • Squid’s HTTP Acceleration Mode

    I have recently configured a server of mine to use the Squid Cache in HTTP Acceleration mode. So what’s this anyway? A typical request to a webserver looks like this: Client browser opens connection to server port 80, server sends back the data through that connection. For the time of the transfer the server “loses” […]

  • Introducing: Blummy

    So the project I’ve been working on lately is called blummy. blummy is a tool for quick access to your favorite web services via your bookmark toolbar. It consists of small widgets, called blummlets, which make use of Javascript to provide rich functionality (such as bookmarklets). You can create your own blummy by drag-n-dropping blummlets […]

  • Competitive Reproduction

    We’ve seen it serveral times in history. Company A launches a new, innovative product and company B takes it, copies it and wins the competition. Not that we have come so far in just such a short time of AJAX apps but there are quite a few examples: RSS readers: Bloglines (acquired by AskJeeves), Rojo, […]

  • Office Web Apps are just Proof-of-Concepts

    AJAX applications are far from replacing desktop office apps. So is Flash by the way. Several projects are trying to prove the opposite. I still think that it will not happen. The current development is only a rise of quite sophisticated JavaScript applications. We had such applications before but now it’s “in” or rather acceptable […]