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  • hckr news

    Just wanted to point you all to Wayne Larsen’s alternate interface to Hackernews, called hckr news. I really like the clean and fast interface, compared to the everlasting old interface on the original page (even though you can of course use User CSS to pep it up a little). Wayne also created browser extensions that […]

  • Use an authenticated feed in Google Reader

    You currently can’t subscribe to an authenticated feed (for example in Basecamp) in Google Reader. If you want to do it nonetheless you can use this script of mine which will talk to the server that needs authentication, passing through all the headers (so that also cookies and “not modified” requests will come through): download […]

  • New Feature for HN Collapsible Threads: Collapse Whole Thread

    I have added a feature to the HN Collapsible Threads bookmarklet that enables you to close a whole thread from any point within the thread: This is useful when you are reading a thread and decided that you are having enough of it and want to move on to the next thread. Before you had […]

  • preg_match, UTF-8 and whitespace

    Just a quick note, be careful when using the whitespace character \s in preg_match when operating with UTF-8 strings. Suppose you have a string containing a dagger symbol. When you try to strip all whitespace from the string like this, you will end up with an invalid UTF-8 character: $ php -r ‘echo preg_replace(“#\s#”, “”, […]

  • Restoring single objects in mongodb

    Today I had the need to restore single objects from a mongodb installation. mongodb offers two tools for this mongodump and mongorestore, both of which seem to be designed to only dump and restore whole collections. So I’ll demonstrate the workflow just to restore a bunch of objects. Maybe it’s a clumsy way, but we’ll […]

  • Safari Extension: Clean URLs

    I have been picking up and developing a fork of Grant Heaslip’s Safari extension URL clenser which removes all sorts of un-necessary junk for the URL so that you can easily pass on a clean URL to someone else. Things being removed include: Google Analytics parameters (utm_source=, utm_medium, etc.) Youtube related parameters (feature=) Partner tracking […]

  • trac Report for Feature Voting

    I use trac for quite a few projects of mine. Recently I tried to find a plugin for deciding which features to implement next. Usually trac hacks has something in store for that, but not this time. I wanted to be able to create a ticket and then collect user feedback as comments for the […]

  • iOS 2011 Alarm Clock Bug

    Just to add to the speculation about the causes of the 2011 alarm clock bug of iOS where the one-time alarms would not activate on January 1 and January 2, 2011. My guess is that the code that sets off the alarm takes day, month and year into account when checking whether the alarm should […]

  • Title Junk: Solve it with Javascript

    There is some back and forth by John Gruber and others, about HTML <title> tags, with Gruber complaining (and rightly so) that for SEO reasons the titles are filled up with junk having little to do with the real page content. The writers of cam.ly suggest to use the SEO title in the HTML and […]

  • Colorillo: Draw on an LED Wall

    Colorillo currently powers a collaborative drawing event in Vienna: At Adria Wien there is a temporary LED wall on which you can draw with the help of Colorillo. Take your mobile phone (iPhone or Android, also iPod Touch, iPad or Laptop works) out of your pocket, enter the URL that you find there, and on […]

  • Reddit-like Collapsible Threads for Hacker News

    I enjoy consuming and participating at Hacker News by Y Combinator resp. Paul Graham. One thing that needs improvement is the reading comments there. At times it happens that the first comment develops into a huge thread, and then the second top-level comment (which might also be well worth reading) disappears somewhere down into the […]

  • Colorillo

    Currently I am doing my civillian service in Austria (though only 1.5 months to go), but in summer when I had a little free time I built something small and neat: Colorillo. Colorillo is a very simple drawing program on a web site. What makes it particularly fun is that you can draw together with […]

  • Even Faster Web Sites, a book by Steve Souders

    Steve Souders has recently released something like a sequel to his previous book “High Performance Web Sites” (HPWS) which I have already reviewed earlier. With Even Faster Web Sites he and his co-authors (specialists in their fields, such as Doug Crockford (JavaScript: The Good Parts) on Javascript) elaborate on some of the rules Steve postulated […]

  • Debugging PHP on Mac OS X

    [factolex] I have been using Mac OS X as my primary operating system for a few years now, and only today I have found a very neat way to debug PHP code, like it is common for application code (i.e. stepping through code for debugging purposes). The solution is a combination of Xdebug and MacGDBp. […]

  • Website Optimization, a book by Andrew B. King

  • Upgrade WordPress Script

    Whenever a new version of WordPress comes out (as just WordPress 2.6 did), it is somewhat of a pain to upgrade it. But not for me anymore, because I have created a small (and simple) script some versions ago which I would like to share with you. $ cat upgrade_wordpress.sh wget http://www.wordpress.org/latest.tar.gz mv www wordpress […]

  • bash completion for the pear command

    I am only scratching my own itch here, but maybe someone can use it or expand from it. I just always found annoying that pear run-tests tab gives all files instead of just *.phpt. This is what this snippet actually does. Paste this into the file /opt/local/etc/bash_completion on OSX (for me it is just before […]

  • Facebook discloses its users to 3rd party web sites

    Just a quick post, because what I read at Joshua Porter’s blog somewhat alarms me: Facebook?s Brilliant but Evil design. I feel more and more reassured at why I don’t use Facebook and have a bad feeling about them. The gist is this: when you buy something at a participating web site (Ethan Zuckerman shows […]

  • This was FOWA Expo 2007

    I have been attending this year’s Future of Web Apps Expo in London’s ExCeL centre. There were a ton of interesting speakers and I enjoyed listening a lot. Amongst others there were Steve Souders of Yahoo (High Performance Web Sites), Paul Graham of Y Combinator (The future of web startups), Matt Mullenweg of WordPress.com (The […]

  • High Performance Web Sites, a book by Steve Souders

    I’d like to introduce you to this great book by Steve Souders. There already have been several reports on the Internet about it, for example on the Yahoo Developers Blog. There is also a video of Steve Souders talking about the book. The book is structured into 14 rules, which, when applied properly, can vastly […]

  • Poor Finder

    Today my Dock was playing a little weird. I am not aware of any crime that my Finder should have committed.

  • What does “size” in int(size) of MySQL mean?

    I was always wondering what the size of numeric columns in MySQL was. Forgive me if this is obvious to someone else. But for me the MySQL manual lacks a great deal in this field. TL;DR: It’s about the display width. You only see it when you use ZEROFILL. Usually you see something like int(11) […]

  • I do not agree to the publication of this photo

    I have been asked several times where one could get the t-shirt that I was wearing. The answer is simple: I have created a Spreadshirt shop. So if you want to get one for yourself (or someone else), go ahead and get it :) There is also a German version available (I am a native […]

  • Webkit catching up with Firefox and Firebug

    Webkit, the rendering Toolkit that powers Apple’s Safari web browser, is getting a lot of love lately (iPhone, Windows beta version). But for developers it was always hard to debug and inspect your web applications running in Safari. With Drosera a decent debugger exists since June 2006 (for Webkit only so far, though — it’s […]

  • Spamhaus.org no longer lists Austrian Registry on its Block List

    It has come to my attention today that the almost famous Spam Block List provider put the IP addresses of the Austrian Registry nic.at on their block list. The list that Spamhaus provides is actually something good: it allows mail server administrators to automatically block mails arriving from servers that are known to be operated […]

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